Hello! I moved to Bellingham in February 2017. On my very first night in town, a friend called me to ask if I'd play a last minute gig at the Honey Moon along with him and a couple musicians whom I'd never met. Through a mix of shared repertoire and a lot of improvising, we played a fine gig together that night and we all remain connected to this day. That same evening, I met a woman who felt so connected with what we were doing that she become my first student in The Musical Mandala!  

Since that night, I've become more and more involved in the creative community here in B'ham. Some highlights: Teaching music workshops for three years running at The Subdued Stringband Jamboree and The Bellingham Folk Festival. Leading a long running improvisational singing circle, Making Musical Mandalas. Taking up the mantle of music teacher at Cascades Montessori Middle School. Spearheading the ukulele course for BAAY's EduArts program in Bellingham Public Schools.


I've been a musician for about 30 years. I love to sing, play piano, guitar, ukulele, and all manner of percussion instruments. Group improvisation, especially vocal improv, is my favorite musical pastime. I studied composition and harmonic theory at UH Manoa, music education at CU Boulder, and I've played a lot of gigs. Wonderful formal and informal mentors in music, theater, and meditation helped inspire and shape my creative life and teaching style. Above all, I'm grateful to be doing this work of Nurturing Creative Being.     

If you'd like to hear, here is a link to my most recent recording, In Between Trees, a transatlantic collaboration with the fine Belgian guitarist, singer and composer, Tom Theuns. My favorite songs on the record are Tom's mysterious Johnny Blackbone's Trail and my own song The Old Black Crow.