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About Lessons in the Mandala

The Musical Mandala is a place to learn by ear, play by feel, and communicate with feeling. In the course of our lessons together, you'll develop a versatile musical palette through integrating and inter-relating basic elements of harmony, melody, and rhythm. You'll also creatively apply what you're learning in composition exercises, improvisation games, and shared repertoire. 

The Musical Mandala is a place to learn holistically, integrating body, voice, and mind at every juncture. Whether you are primarily a vocalist, instrumentalist, or both, we'll do a lot of singing together because voice is the most direct way to truly feel and understand musical vibrations and relations. Learning in this way develops your ability to sing and play what you hear, be it a favorite song on the radio or a creative idea in your musical mind. 

The Musical Mandala is a place for creative people to come together in musical community. This takes the form of regular creative group singing circles in the style of Bobby McFerrins' CircleSongs as well as mini-ensembles where students learn repertoire and enjoy playing together. 

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